Easy Steps To Building Your Chicken Coop

Chicken coops not only help provide a comfortable environment for your fowl but also provide shelter and a happy place for your chickens to be productive. A good chicken coop always starts with proper planning and the better you can design your coop to accommodate the chickens, the happier they’ll be and hopefully more productive.

Building good housing for your chickens is not as difficult as it sounds. You can always purchase a pre-made coop online but building one can also be fun and rewarding. So, grab a pencil and piece of paper and begin writing down your ideal chicken coop. For example, do you plan to have a fixed coop or one that can be moved around your yard or property? If you have a smaller back yard, you may want to consider a mobile coop that you can move around the yard if necessary.

Building a chicken coopHaving a mobile coop may be better for smaller groups of chickens but if you plan to really get into egg production, a more stable housing structure would benefit you and your goals. Fixed coops can sometimes be more expensive so it’s a good idea to have your decision planned out before building.

Offering some of the home comforts that appeal to most birds such as a perch is a great idea. You want your chickens, both hens and roosters, to feel comfortable and as happy as possible to increase production of eggs or chicks. There’s nothing like fresh eggs for your meals and you’re almost guaranteed to get plenty with a happy flock of chickens.

It’s a good idea to provide at least one nesting area for every 5 or so chickens. Nesting areas don’t need to be large, a 12inch square by 4in depth box is ideal for most chickens. An open floor is also ideal for chickens as they like to dig and hunt for worms. Having access to the warmth of the sun will please your chickens so keep in mind that you’ll need to provide a warm coop and controlling temperature.

Any good chicken coop starts with planning and considering the needs of the chickens to they live a happy and productive life.